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For nearly 15 years, I have been passionate about creating designs that transcend trends and attract a loyal following of women of all ages. I strive for uniqueness in a world that seems to be overflowing with up and coming jewelry artists. Words which have been used to describe my jewelry include: Spiritual. Unique. Cool. Meaningful. Timeless. I like to think of  my jewelry as having somewhat of a hippie-disco-punk vibe with traditional undertones.

I received a BFA in sculpture back in the 80's. I have been told that my work has a sculptural feel to it. While in art school, I most enjoyed creating sculpture that was made by assembling existing materials together, as opposed to creating something from a drawing. I still get excited when I find an amazing strand of gemstones, or a sterling and marcasite piece from the 1940's. The materials I find is what inspires me.

Most of my gemstones are purchased from trusted merchants who share my belief in social and environmental sustainability. Imperfections and inclusions in gemstones do not bother me. In fact,  I consider these inclusions as an essential element to the nature of the stone. Life is not perfect after all! My favorite gemstone is labradorite. It has a natural colorful chatoyancy to it that just makes me swoon.

A true believer in reclaiming, reusing, and recycling materials, a high percentage of fine sterling silver chains and charms I use are not purchased from a catalog. Rather, they are "adopted" and saved from the scrapper, much like my 3 nutty rescue dogs. (Pictured is my sweet pup "Seven").
I give a percentage of my yearly profits to animal rescue organizations, cancer research and *other non profits, and have fostered many a mangy mutt.

I am thankful every day that I have the support to do what I love for a living. Thank you to all of my
amazing, wonderful red i jewelry® followers!


Susan Scaparotti

*Non-profits near and dear to me:

A Special Wish

Badges for Bullies

Cleveland Animal Protective League

Cure GM1 Foundation
Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary

Rescue Village

Saint Baldrick's Foundation

Seeds of Literacy
The Gathering Place




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